Sunday, November 8, 2009

High Risk Profession – 4 Professions that Have High Risk Exposed to Cancer

high risk profession
According to medical review from, there are several things that can increase cancer risk to a person; one of them is a person’s profession. Here are four professions that have cancer high risk.
1. Flight crews, doctors, nurses, and all types of work
A research that had been done by International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) showed that women who work on shift system have a high risk to suffer breast cancer. Furthermore, some previous researches also showed that the alteration of people’s sleep time that happen in long period will have an effect on melatonin production and trigger tumor growth.

2. Hairdressers and beauty salon workers
Face and hair cosmetics have lot of chemical ingredient and salon workers always get direct contact with these materials daily. Moreover, IARC also predicts that many cosmetics salon are made from hard carcinogens, which trigger cancer in humans. To reduce the risk of cancer, hairdresser or salon worker should avoid direct contact between skin and chemicals material by using mask or gloves when working.
3. Body builders
Body builder is a profession that relies on beauty and body healthiness. But, body builder who uses steroids in order to increase hormones production so that the muscle can be more formed has cancer risk. Steroids consumptions for long periods also trigger liver diseases.
4. Painters
The paint aroma that is inhaled contains chemical ingredients that can cause headache, nausea, and sore eyes. Furthermore, the chemicals that are inhaled for long period can trigger cancer too.



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