Saturday, November 7, 2009

Breast Milk – 6 tips to Increase Your Breast Milk's Volume

breast milk
Mother milk is the best food for baby especially since was born until 6 months. Complex ingredients on it are very easy to be digested for baby. Though milk cow today is very popular to be given, but babies who’re always given mother milk will have better body endurance. But, mother milk quality will decrease if mother’s nutrition also decreases. Moreover, food that consumed by breastfeeding mother will give her own nutritional need that allow her to produce milk that becomes baby food. So, a mother has to consume only good food, because her baby health is depend on her. Thus, I’ll give you some tips for increasing the quality of your breast milk.

1.Balancing your food
Your daily food consumption like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and mineral should be balanced. Remember, the amount of food consumed by nursing moms should be more than usual. Consume more vegetables and fruits.

2.Increasing water consumption
When a mother give her mother milk to baby, part of their water intake goes with the milk production. So, you have to drink more water.

3.Doing sport regularly
You should do sport like jogging, yoga, and aerobic in order to increase your mood or for relaxation. If you’re happy, the production of hormones that supported breastfeeding would be increased too.

4.Breast milk is the calcium source that needed for your baby’s bones. If you felt pain on your bones, you have to increase your calcium consumption, like fish, particular milk for breastfeeding mother that containing DHA, folic acid, calcium, vitamins, iron, and prebiotic FOS.

5.Enough rest
Sometimes small baby makes you feel tired, because they often to wake up at night, but, you still have to get enough rest. So the solution is, adjust your sleep time with your baby time or asking some help from your mother or hubby to nursing the baby.

6.Stop smoking and consume alcohol for your baby
Nicotine and alcohol can pass straightly via your breast milk. I believe, you don’t want your baby gets sick



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