Friday, November 13, 2009

Do Strict Diet and Fasting Will Reduce Your Weight?

To make your weight-loss programs achieve maximum results, you must understand this formula: calories intake must be equal with calories take out. Furthermore, calories in our body will be stored as body fat. In the meantime, if we burn more calories intake, your weight will decrease. Reducing calories intake can be done by switching to low-calories foods. But you should not overdo the diet program. Because, your body will think you're starving. Thus instead of burning fat, your metabolism will run the steps to deal with emergency situations, namely to maintain your fat reserves

Dr.Robert Kushner, MD, director of Clinical nutrition and weight loss at the University of Chicago, said that lowering your calorie intake with excessive fasting can lowering basal metabolic rate (the minimum requirement of calories while resting) to 30%, this makes weight loss very difficult. Excessive fasting means when the intake of calories is less than 600 per day. Because our bodies mechanism feel to save you from the lack of fat, so another fuel source is chosen, namely the muscles. If it’s happen continuously, your muscles become weak. Thus, the most appropriate way to reduce tour weight is through exercise at least 30 minutes. Sport is also effective to increase the metabolism so that calories will be burned for hours after exercise. Please remember to eat healthy food and keep exercising will help to reduce your weight.



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